Trophy Engraving & Personalisation Service

The term engraving (the process or art of cutting or carving a design on a hard surface, esp. so as to make a print) can most appropriately be used to describe our diamond engraving service, but in reality we offer a comprehensive trophy engraving service incorporating many different technologies and marking techniques allowing us to personalise virtually any trophy, gift or other product that you can find on this website today.

How to order engraving

  1. Find the item you like from our range of trophies, awards & gift items
  2. On the product page, choose the quantity of each size you require and then check the tick box next to each of the engraving services you require
  3. Add the items to your basket. The next page will prompt you to enter engraving for each of the items you have just added to your basket
  4. You can now enter your engraving instructions either individually for each item, or once to be repeated on every individual item
  5. Press save and you're done! It's that easy!

Services we offer

Over the years our trophy engraving service has seen a great deal of change, and we are now able to provide engraving solutions to suit any of the items featured in our current catalogue. Our cups, trophies, awards and gift items can all be personalised using the latest marking and engraving technologies.

Diamond Engraving Service – for sports trophies and personalised gifts

Diamond Engraving MachineDiamond Engraving

This is a fully computerised service, allowing us to achieve a high standard in terms of both quality and consistency. Engraving artwork is created purely in a vector format, allowing us a great deal of flexibility for each individual item. This allows us to quickly produce high quality artwork to be engraved onto your presentation cup, pewter tankard, hip flask, trophy or any other compatible item.

Our diamond engraving service usually applies to pewter, silver plate, nickel plate or stainless steel metal items, such as:

Personalised Gift Items & Keepsakes

We have a range of items that can be engraved to produce a personalised gift to suit your requirements.

Business gifts such as retirement gifts, gifts to recognise long service or gifts that recognise employee achievements can all be engraved with your company logo to make them more specific to the event.

Other personalised gifts can be created for wedding gifts, such as for the best man or ushers, or for academic achievements such as graduations and can have the recipients name engraved along with a short message.

Laser Engraving Service – for corporate awards, wall plaques and sports awards

Laser Engraving MachineLaser Engraving

Reserved for flat glass, acrylic or coated metal items, this service is most suited to our range of corporate recognition awards and brass wall plaque awards. Our preferred artwork format is vector, although we do have the flexibility to engrave high quality bitmap images such as company or club logos.

Sub-surface laser engraving technology

Our sub-surface laser engraving equipment allows us to put your design into the middle of a glass block without marking the surface of the award, leaving the recipient wondering how on earth we got it there.

Glass & Crystal Engraving Service – for corporate awards and personalised gift items

Sandblast CabinetGlass Engraving

Our glass engraving service utilises sand blasting to etch your artwork onto the surface of glass awards and gift items, such as our cut glass decanters or optical crystal items.

A mask is produced using a photographic process and is then applied to the item that is to be engraved before being bombarded with a mixture of sand and compressed air, leaving your design 'frosted' into the surface of the award.

Unlike some of our competitors, we make our own masks in-house helping us to guarantee the quality and efficiency of our service.

Items usually engraved in this way include a range of glass gift items such as crystal decanters and toasting glasses suitable for personalised retirement or wedding gifts and any of the optical crystal items in our range of corporate awards.

Colour Printing Service – for glass awards and wall plaques

Colour UV PrinterColour Printing

Our colour printing technology works in much the same way as the ink-jet printers found in most homes, but with two important differences.

  • In addition to the standard cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks used in ink-jet printers we employ white ink which allows us to print on dark coloured and clear objects by putting a light base behind the printed design.
  • To allow us to print on smooth 'shiny' surfaces, which do not readily absorb the ink as paper does, once the specialist ink has been applied to the surface it is immediately 'baked' in place using ultraviolet light.

Our colour printing service is ideal for personalising brass wall plaques, medal boxes and flat glass & optical crystal awards.