Caring for & cleaning your sports trophies & awards

Cleaning Personalised Pewter Gift Items

Pewter Tankard

Our pewter products include pewter tankards, pewter hip flasks, and pewter presentation cups.

Modern Pewter products require only a minimum of care, as they show no signs of oxidisation or tarnishing.

Wash in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. Never put pewter items in the dishwasher as the excessive heat can cause distortion.

If the item has gone dull through long-term neglect, clean with a non-abrasive metal polish before washing. Always polish in one direction only and in straight lines.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Gift Items

Stainless Steel Hip Flask

Stainless Steel Products cover specifically a number of the hip flasks we offer. They are specially designed to carry alcoholic drinks. They should not be used for beverages with an acidic content, such as fruit juices or cordials. In order to maintain years of service, please follow the following simple rules:

  1. Rinse inside with clean water before filling the flask for the first time.
  2. Always empty the flask after use and rinse it out before refilling.
  3. Do not keep alcohol in the flask longer than a period of three days. Refill only when you are about to use the flask.

Cleaning Silver Plated Presentation Cups and Salver Awards

Silver Plated Presentation Cup Award

Our Silverware range includes silver plated presentation cups and silver salver & tray awards.

If possible, always store silverware in a glass fronted cabinet to restrict air circulation. Use desiccated silica gel in the cabinet to keep humidity to a minimum and slow the tarnishing process.

Clean silverware monthly with only a silver polishing cloth, polishing in one direction and in straight lines. Tarnish is easily removed when first noticed as a yellowish tint, but will get tougher with time.

Use polishing cream only if the silverware has become heavily tarnished. Always use products specifically intended for silverware, as other products may be too abrasive. Don’t use old polishes that have dried up, as the abrasive components will have become too concentrated.

Use polishes sparingly, polishing in straight lines and in one direction only.

It is important to remove fingerprints straight away as they contain oily salts that can cause lasting damage.

If you prefer to use gloves to handle silverware, do not use latex gloves as these can cause further tarnishing. It is better to use heavyweight cotton gloves.

For long-term storage it is advisable to wrap silverware in tissue paper and then seal it in polyethene bags to restrict air circulation. Newspaper print and elastic bands can react with the silver plate causing permanent damage.